Need an A-List team of content creators, event specialists, artists or business advisors?

Over more than 20 years, Nancy Bamaga has helped hundreds and hundreds of Indigenous artists, small creative businesses and non-Indigenous organisations.

With Bamaga Productions, she’s brought together an experienced team of creatives who are ready to tailor solutions for festivals, TV productions, TVCs, social media, conferences, sports events, business development and more.

Talk to us about what you have in mind.

When you need:

  • Event management and curation
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual artists, craftspeople and artworks
  • Traditional Indigenous dancers, singers, didgeridoo players, actors and other performers
  • Welcome to Country ceremonies
  • Indigenous speakers and MCs
  • Video, television and TVC production services
  • Podcast creative and production services
  • Post-production audio, video graphics, animation and special effects
  • Cultural awareness workshops for corporate clients
  • Cultural issue consultancy to businesses, organisations and events

We can also:

  • Advise businesses, organisations and governments on cultural issues
  • Develop Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) for businesses, organisations and governments
  • Source vision and images of Country or Indigenous culture and people for commercial, government or NFP use
  • Broker sponsorship and promotional partnerships for Indigenous events and festivals
  • Help Indigenous artists and performers develop sustainable businesses

Let’s create change together