When we come together on the storytelling mat,
we learn together.

We also create better outcomes.

Over decades of listening, learning and on-the-ground experience, we have created a process.

It’s our process of Weaving your outcome.

We have based it on Indigenous ways of working, knowing and doing, and to allow Indigenous communities to self-determine their futures.

It also brings in founder Nancy Bamaga’s memories of her grandmother and her Torres Strait Islander community of weavers and storytellers, as well as her knowledge and experience of working in both worlds.

So, our process is not only practical but meaningful—for everyone involved!





The cultural significance in our beautiful logo

The logo symbolises our ways of knowing, doing and being as is drawn from the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We have adapted the Declaration’s ‘pyramid structure’ to represent our practice framework. But, we have used a bottom-up approach as opposed to the top-down approach. (Because we build relationships first. )

The black lines of the pyramid/triangle is the heart of our logo because it’s the cultural foundations of our method. Our method is: community consultation, community engagement and community development. It is always underpinned by self-determination.

The three points of the pyramid also represent the three locations of our origins and work—Brisbane, Bamaga and Saibai.

The green mat within the pyramid represents our culture and the Ailan (island) way of life. As we sit on the mat we work together, listen, learn, weave and build meaningful relationships. We share understanding and create the projects that deliver positive change and build local community capacity.

For us it, the image you see is more than a logo. More than a project. It is a life journey of building relationships through caring, sharing, walking and talking together. We are proud to share its story with you.

When you work with us, we go on a journey together. As a client, you will come away with a heightened knowledge and new-found respect for Indigenous cultures and process.